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Tahiti, Moorea And Fakarava Digital D-Tox Immersion Package

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the South Pacific islands with a 11 day trip to French Polynesia where you will stay in Tahiti, Moorea and Fakarava.

Day 01 - 03

Arrival In Tahiti

Upon arrival in Tahiti, join the Peninsula (1.5 hours of coastal road) until Vanira Lodge (4*) for two nights in an atypical bungalow, a real sculpture of natural materials blending into the surrounding nature.

You Will Like

  • The serenity of the place.
  • The vast property planted with trees, swimming pool and view of the ocean.
  • The relaxation and nature related activities available (at extra charge, on the spot): yoga, massage in your bungalow, guided exploration (cave & cliffs, famous wave of Teahupoo, archaeological sites), car rental and diving.

Vanira Lodge (4*)

Day 03 - 07

Tahiti Moorea

10 minute hop to the nearby island of Moorea (directly in the heart of the Caldera) for a “green” stay at Village Temanoha (4*). Four nights in a bungalow with kitchenette.

You Will Like

  • The serenity of this green environment located one kilometer from the main road.
  • The beautiful setting, the century-old tropical trees and the line of the volcano in the background.
  • The pool and hiking trails departing from the pension.

Village Temanoha (4*)

Day 07 - 11

Moorea Tahiti Fakarava

Change of scenery with a 4-night stay in Fakarava, a remote atoll in the Tuamotu. Upon arrival from your 80 minute flight from Tahiti, embark on a 90 minute boat crossing of the lagoon to the south of the atoll, until Pension Raimiti (2*). Four nights in a Crusoe bungalow facing the ocean. No phone or internet, just an oil lamp in your bungalow!

You Will Like

  • The Robinson Crusoe ambiance of this place enhanced by the surrounding nature.
  • The excellent cuisine of the chef.
  • The daily activities included (at the discretion of the pension and depending on the weather).

 .Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner
Pension Raimiti (2*)

Day 11

Fakarava Tahiti Depart Tahiti

Fly back to Tahiti for an international departure.


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